About us

“Juvelyrikos oazė” is a leading Lithuanian jewelry manufacturer specializing in gold and silver pieces of jewelry and offering the widest range of jewelry services including stamp production, stamping, engraving, laser engraving, casting, milling, designing and selling of jewelry equipment and materials. Our jewelry collection features unique design artistically combining precious and semi-precious gemstones, gold and silver. Our works are a mix of traditional designs and modern artistic concepts the result of which is distinctive hand-made collections of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and brooches.

With its extensive experience in production and customer service, “Juvelyrikos oazė” has made its name as a well-trusted and well-established manufacturer and exporter of gold and silver jewelry since 2005. The company also provides its service to jewelers and retail stores. Our team of talented designers creates a wide range of unique and fashionable products of ancient and modern designs for our customers’ collections. “Juvelyrikos oazė” also accepts customer orders for production of articles from the raw materials provided by customers themselves. We have partners with a presence across the world: USA, United Kingdom, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, France, etc.

Our mission is to meet our customers’ needs by developing our manufacturing technology, in particular computer-aided jewelry design, and by applying strict material control and article selection as well as offering not only a wide range of high-quality products but also competitive prices and timely delivery. Since its inception, “Juvelyrikos oazė” has aimed to build long-term business relationships. Recurring orders and our satisfied customers is a testimony of this.